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WE ARE NOT A RECORD POOL. We're a Record Pool Companion & Curation Service. And We NOW Integrate with Some of The Best Record Pools in The Industry!

We Are Curators For The DJ
Industry's Most Trusted Pools.

Here's What You Get

Member Exclusive: Interactive Hackathons

At Crate Hackers, we believe "The Best DJ is EVERYONE." Every one of our member's collective knowledge. That's why we enlist the power of our group to "crowdsource" special crates.

Our Virtual Hackathons are interactive voting sessions done with all of our members inside our private Facebook group.

We focus on a genre and have the community build sets that perform, as voted by experienced DJs.


After voting is complete, we then hand-craft these sets while following the strictest range of musical attributes such as: BPM, key, energy, mood + danceability.

These are then made available to Crate Hackers ONLY.

Works With Your Favorite DJ Software


Virtual DJ


Engine Prime
& More

The Ultimate Backup Solution - Access Your Music From ANYWHERE

All of our crates are published weekly

on the top music streaming services.

- Apple Music



​- Beatsource

Time-Saving Hacks For:

Club DJs

Mobile DJs


Streaming DJs


Radio DJs



We Know Music Charts + Analytics

We monitor the latest trends in radio airplay, streaming charts, and online views to create an in-depth playlist that is both relevant and familiar to your audience.


How and when to mix them is up to you.


Your Hackers

The very best programmers in the industry will give you

exclusive access to their own crates so you can find the songs that slap and

ditch the songs that fail.

Joe Bunn

Jason Jani

(SCE Event Group)


Tried + Tested by Club & Mobile DJs

The blending of the tracks inside our crates have been proven to work.  Each and every set is tested on dance floors and radio stations across the nation before they make the cut.

Join a Community That Will Fill Your Crates:

Members Only Group

Crate Hackathons


Live Webinars


Video Tutorials



Eliminate The Guesswork
Out of Mixing Music

We are a group of veteran DJs and radio mixshow hosts with 25+ years experience in programming playlists. Our research and data is shared with other DJs for the purpose of advancing their skills and performance.  Let us do the same for you.

This form of playlist curation is the quickest way to see what songs mix best and sound great together.  Finally, you can be confident that your sets will remain up-to-date and effective on the dance floor. Use our tried and proven premixed playlist to advance your DJ skills to the next level.

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the FULL potential of
their crates today!

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