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How to Go From Music Hoarder To Getting Your Crates In Order in Just 3 Days

Monday, March 1 thru Wednesday, March 3rd - 8 pm EST/5 pm PST

Joe Bunn & Aaron Traylor

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Discover the Exact Step-By-Step Method to Organize Your Crates That Doesn't Take YEARS... And Improves Your Mixing 100-Fold... Proven by Some of the Top DJs in the US

- Are you tired of Serato Face - the endless search for the next song?

- Are you a music hoarder? Are you disorganized? Not taking full advantage of your library?

- Are you a good DJ but feeling stuck creatively?

- Do you want to organize your library FAST without it taking years?

- Do you want direct access to expert DJs who can help you organize your library - no matter if you use Serato, Virtual DJ, RekordBox, Engine Prime, etc.

- Do you want to learn how to find the dance floor bangers despite the ocean of new music being released and STAY organized?



About Joe Bunn (The Short Guy)

Joe Bunn is the founder of The DJ's Vault, Bunn Gear & Co-Founder of Crate Hackers which collectively have over 2,600 members. Joe has lived and breathed the mobile DJ business for over 30+ years and has 6 Bunn DJ Company offices in 5 states.

About Aaron Traylor (The Tall Guy)

Aaron Traylor is a long-time DJ’s Vault member and ultra-talented DJ based in Nashville, TN who’s been awarded "Best Performance DJ" in Nashville despite only living there 4 years. He's The Johnny Cash Family's preferred DJ, has been in radio over 25 years and most recently earned the honors of the "Best Radio Station Personality" by the National Broadcasting Association. He's also known as the Tallest DJ in the World and loses only to Shaq. :-/

NOTE: This Challenge is NOT for Everyone...

Your results are not guaranteed. This challenge is only for those that are ready to work and realize that success does not come easy, and are willing to put in the work when problems arise. This challenge will however, give you insight behind some of the most successful club & mobile DJs in the US.














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